Poetry by Jade

So Easy

It’s so easy not to care.

Easy to sit here alone

and tell myself, I don’t care

about not belonging anywhere

about not enjoying anything

about not being heard by anyone.


It’s easier to not need them.

Easy to stick up my middle finger

and say to them, I don’t need


you or your acceptance

you or your traditions

you or your understanding.


It’s always been so easy to not believe.

Easy to turn my back away from God

and say to Him, I don’t believe


in your eternal love

in your divine guidance

in your promise of Heaven.


But, and I don’t know why,

It’s not easy giving up on you.

Not easy to look you in the eye, lie

and say to you, I don’t secretly


remember the moments we’d had together

yearn to hear your voice speaking to me

hope to see you walk through that door again.



Jade is the founder of Writing Bad. She resides in California with her son and cat. You can find more writing from her on writingbad.org

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