Hold on to Her by Olivia Stepen

Only Her Series Book 2 It’s time for you to meet Liam. Sexy, protective, and charismatic! Sarah wants to run. He’ll have to hold on tight to keep her. Hold on to Her is available now and  free on kindle unlimited!! A friends to lovers steamy romance. “One of my top 5 reads of the year!” Amazon... Continue Reading →

California Fire Fundraising

Author Marianne Reese has decided to donate and match all proceeds of any sales for the month of November 2018 to families affected by the California fires.  Find  all her published works on Amazon I've featured one of her book here before. You can read about Skylar Moon here 

Luna: The Lone Wolf

This is a YA book I've read as a beta and LOVED. Forest does an amazing job writing the wolves and the story is great. I highly recommend checking out his fundraising efforts and following him. -Jensen Luna was destined to be alpha once he became an adult, but before he got the chance, his... Continue Reading →

Cthulhu’s Car Park by D.S. Ritter

There's something creeping around in the basement. And it has tentacles.  Sam's job as a parking attendant has always been boring. Until now. A hole straight to hell has opened up and evil lurks in the shadows of the garage. When management fails to help, Sam turns to her friends and coworkers. But, can a... Continue Reading →

Bit Grim, Isn't It?: "Follow the rope. Close your eyes. Keep going forward."  A rope that goes on forever, a dark and sinister apartment block, a morally conflicted orc and a strange initiation on Halloween night are just some of the tales that await you in 'Bit Grim, Isn't It?' Macabre, funny, honest, strange, this... Continue Reading →

Sharing is Caring Sunday!

Sharing is caring threads are so popular on Facebook! I try to have one each week and interact on as many others as I can. It's a great way to get some free promotion and to network with others. The cover of this post is one I borrowed from my friend Erin Crocker.  I have... Continue Reading →

Losing Venice by Scott Stavrou

Surrounded by beauty, can you learn to live beautifully? Travel marketing specialist Mark Vandermar leads an itinerant life. Elsewhere is where he calls home, so it's no surprise when he's called to Venice to craft the Venice Tourism Council's new campaign to attract suddenly skittish American tourism. Falling in love with the colorful campos and... Continue Reading →

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