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I am proud to announce my upcoming and current publications! Please check back for updates and links when they go live.

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My first published work that’s solely mine. Fiction Kingdom is a multi-genre short story collection with over a dozen stories.


“Intruder” in Pixie Forest Publishing’s third anthology, At Death’s Door,


“Rejected” is a limited-edition, multi-genre fundraising anthology where proceeds from online sales go to the Spay/Neuter Coalition of Georgia.

My short story “The Day Sam Ruined Everything” is a cozy romance.

Fated is an anthology of romantic fantasy stories from some truly amazing authors.

Read my short story, “Second Chance” about an elven queen who struggles with her royalty and has to deal with the mess that ensues when she chooses to leave.


“Janitor Jared” is among some awesome stories in this.

Are you game enough to join The Storm? Explore the unique, horrifying and entertaining exploits and tales of the survivors from the Storm on Area 51. Perhaps what lies hidden, should sometimes remain so…


“Forgotten Cemetery” and “A Witch Against the End” will be published in Black Hare Press’s 6th drabbles anthology, Apocalypse


“In Heaven” is a poem dedicated to my mom. You can get it now from Stormy Island Publishing.


“Kitty,” “The Skeletons Are Coming,” “Stupid Monsters,” and “Shadows” are 100 word stories in Black Hare Press’s 3rd drabbles anthology, Monsters.


“Heir” in Pixie Forest Publishing’s 2nd anthology, a modern fantasy collection Amazon

“Hunger” follows a man who is cured from the zombie infection…or is he?


Paperbacks available through me for $14

“Oceanside Piano” follows 50-something widow, Lauren, who takes up hiking as a way to pass her free time. She stumbles upon a piano and falls for the lonely man who plays it. Many have related it to a Nicholas Sparks story.

The theme of Salty Tales is “by the sea” Multigenre


“I See Your Monsters” is
a heartbreaking tale of a father reading to his terminally ill daughter. (It’s made almost everyone who has read it cry. So have tissues handy) Amazon

Read my short story “Say When” in Love Dust: a multi-genre anthology from Pixie Forest Publishing.

US paperback is available for only $10 copy:

“Thirsty” in Shards of Survival, a Writing Bad anthology (executive editing and publishing by yours truly) is available now for Amazon ebooks. Buy here  for only .99

“Cocky Smiles and Tacos” in Cocky-Tales Anthology is no longer available online as it was a short-term fundraiser. I have copies available for $16.

“Pancake Spiders” in Fangs and Broken Bones is about a special 4 year old with the magical ability to bring his drawings to life, much to his mother’s distress.


Paperback for just $5!

“The Closet” warns against the dangers of not believing your children when they say there’s a monster in their closet.



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