Poetry by Pat

Introducing a new poet to my array of talent!    Pat is an ex-weapons mechanic, army sergeant, and married 30 years this July. She has two children, Joshua and Aylisha, and two grandchildren, Christina and Cassidie. She lives on a farm with her two horses, Feather and Storm, eleven cats, and two dogs who are... Continue Reading →


I shivered against the chill in the air, and recalled how the news talked about the Midwest being dumped on by snow. I huffed and settled a new grey blanket around my shoulders. “Here I thought Cali was cold in winter. Damn.” I settled on the sunken old could and tried to go to sleep,... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Luke

The Night Watch She watches the men as their flash cars roll by… Do they have all wives to whom they lie? Or are they young bucks with a big night ahead? It makes no difference, whether single or wed. She’s seen them all, with a cynical eye. She doesn’t ask questions, or poke, or... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Gabby

Piece of Glass   Am I a piece of glass? Too hot or cold to touch? Is my every fault shown? Am I a piece of glass? Am I easily read? Can you see right through me? Am I a piece of glass? Is my clear heart fragile? Is that why I shatter? Am I... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

Sara is a published poet who has been writing since her teenage years. You can find more from her on Facebook and Instagram. Sara A Mosier- author and poet Instagram.

Poetry by Nicola

Oh how beautiful her soul Nicola Roode is a mom of 2, a wife, and amateur poet from Cape Town, South Africa. Stay tuned for more poems from her and check out her author page on Facebook A Poet’s Heart

Poetry by Luke W.

Death, My Immortality by Luke W- I wrote this after a conversation with a friend. He told me “You know, most writers become immortal when they die. That’s when everyone wants to read their work.” Given the title of my book is The Paradox Complex I remembered that conversation and quickly began writing this poem.... Continue Reading →

“To Be Read” Amazon Authors

I have compiled a list of Amazon authors you should follow. Have any you recommend? drop a link in the comments for me and I'll add them! Please share this around! Jensen Reed Here is my amazon page! Jensen is a Nebraska native living in Minnesota with her husband and two young sons. A writer... Continue Reading →

The Patient

The first thing I noticed about my newest client as she stepped into the room were her eyes. The dark blue was rimmed in black, just like mine. I had inherited that trait from my father and I rarely saw it in other people. She introduced herself without a name, which I respected, and we... Continue Reading →

Best Writing Groups on Facebook

Writing Bad has had a huge influx of members today and I finally found out why! ProWritingAid has included us in a list of their best writing groups! WHOOP! I am part of several of the other groups listed as well. If you are searching for a writing group, check out this list! Best Writing... Continue Reading →

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