Kindle Vella update

I’ve only been on KV since October. So far, the hardest part is marketing my stories. I have a consistent TWO likes per episode/chapter and maybe one person will do the polls.

Vella is good for authors because of the bonuses they offer. Royalties are usually crap, but that’s fine. That first month I received a bonus of $10 and royalties were $1. I’m assuming the bonus because I uploaded one story and a couple dozen chapters. It doesn’t give a break down as to WHY you get a bonus.

You get updates of bonuses and royalties around the 20th of the month. Payments aren’t for 60 days from then though.

For the month of November, I added two stories with over 100 chapters total between the three. I still have very low engagement. But I also haven’t been marketing that much. Anyway! November I earned a little bit more of a bonus than October.

I literally exclaimed “What the shit” when I opened the email link for this. My only explanation is consistent uploading of content. I thought my bonus would maybe jump by $20 or no. Not $500!

If you’re looking for a sign to jump on the vella bandwagon I say go for it. It’s been easier for my ADHD brain to get stories done since I have a minimum of 600 words per chapter.

If you want to check out my stories I would LOVE it. You can find the links here!

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