Poetry by Sara

A Haiku by Sara! Check her out on Facebook! Sara A Mosier- author and poet You can see her poems and cute doggo on her Instagram.  

Poetry by Ahja

isabella de la cruz  (Imitation of Lucille Clifton’s “Miss Rosie”)   when i watch you allowing him to force your smile through his mask like the grim reaper would place a kiss upon someone’s lips Or when i watch you dipped in yellow, walking the hall as if you’ve never been knocked down to your... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Kristen

“Shelter in My Arms” Lean on my shoulder. I will not let you fall. Hold onto me tighter. I will not let you go. Need me as much as you want, and I will never let you fall apart. Whisper to my heart, and I will never leave you. Kiss the stars, close your eyes,... Continue Reading →

7 Nifty Editing Tips

Great article! Definitely give it a read

Richie Billing | Fantasy Writer

A good story is grown. It takes weeks, months, of careful tending and nurturing, uncovering the meanings hidden within, fixing things so characters leap off the page, refining to make the plot and prose gripping and immersive. Just like a seed, a story requires patience and dedication. Look after it well and you’ll end up with a blossoming flower.

For some writers editing is the most loathsome part of the process. For others it’s their favourite. Yet undoubtedly it’s the most important, and given the rise in popularity of self-publishing, it’s more crucial than ever to know how to edit your work.


To write is human, to edit is divine.”

Stephen King

1. Put it away

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Some write their first draft and think whatever pours out of them in the first instance is Man Booker-worthy. If you can nail a first draft like that then I doff…

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Poetry by Gabby

Chasing the Same Story   I've spent a third of my life Chasing the same story. I've gotten nowhere really And I've had no glory. Somedays it feels hopeless, Like I'm never going to win, But then he says something And I'm stuck with a grin. Sometimes he calls me pretty, Sometimes it's that I'm... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Adam

Harmonious Hate Presumption of pain And indolent ignorance Converging to create Psychopathic indifference Joyfully journey Into other lands Do not presume To take from their hands The feed and freedom Desperate desire War always wrong A bloody quagmire Hate and intolerance And misunderstanding ‘Til it doesn’t matter Who is left standing So discard your hate... Continue Reading →

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