Poetry by Sara

More beautiful poetry by Sara. Happy Pride month! I'm here if you ever need to talk or just need support. ❤ Follow Sara on social media for more pride month poetry Facebook IG

Poetry by Laura

  The Rugby Ball I am sailing through the quiet air, watching all your eyes below; as I land I whisper, “Come and get me.” Then the game begins! You charge, a stampeding thunder, you will for   leap             me,   SCREAM for me, dive for me- All for me!   I’ve seen you get... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Luke

Unmasked The line between darkness and light grows faint Sometimes I think I am going insane You don’t seem to notice. Do you even care? You merely see my smiling face – the mask I wear. Only when alone do I go unmasked, without restraint Only I see that which, without it, will remain. Beneath... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Nicola

Nicola Roode is a mom of 2, a wife, and amateur poet from Cape Town, South Africa. Stay tuned for more poems from her and check out her author page on Facebook A Poet's Heart

Poetry by Luke

The Night Watch She watches the men as their flash cars roll by… Do they have all wives to whom they lie? Or are they young bucks with a big night ahead? It makes no difference, whether single or wed. She’s seen them all, with a cynical eye. She doesn’t ask questions, or poke, or... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Luke W.

Death, My Immortality by Luke W- I wrote this after a conversation with a friend. He told me “You know, most writers become immortal when they die. That’s when everyone wants to read their work.” Given the title of my book is The Paradox Complex I remembered that conversation and quickly began writing this poem.... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

Sara is a published poet who has been writing since her teenage years. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook Sara A Mosier- author and poet  Instagram

Poetry by Sara

Check her out on Facebook! Sara A Mosier- author and poet You can see her poems and cute doggo on her Instagram. And some of her previous posts here: Poetry by Sara Poetry by Sara Poetry by Sara

Poetry by Luke

Dogged Pursuit He stands behind her, watching, waiting, He's watched her before, same time, same place. And seen the way the streetlights play across her face. He stands behind her, watching, waiting. She moves away; he follows, focus unabating. In silent pursuit, he quickens his pace. Moving forward to close the space.   So close... Continue Reading →

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