This Is Stupid

The scent of burning rot wafted in through the cracks around the wooden door. Eight year old Raiden huddled in the empty tank that used to house a python and watched as the metal door handle jiggled from the other side. Don’t cough, don’t cough, don’t cough. She lifted the collar of her purple t-shirt... Continue Reading →

Kindle Vella update

I’ve only been on KV since October. So far, the hardest part is marketing my stories. I have a consistent TWO likes per episode/chapter and maybe one person will do the polls. Vella is good for authors because of the bonuses they offer. Royalties are usually crap, but that’s fine. That first month I received... Continue Reading →

Kindle Vella

I did the thing! I jumped on the Kindle Vella bandwagon and published two stories. I have several friends with stories there too. You can find ALL the links for things at This Is Stupid 20 years after aliens bombed the planet, turning the majority of humans into zombies, Raiden gets caught in a... Continue Reading →

Fiction Kingdom Available Now!

"The restorative process hurt. I was simultaneously raging fire and solid ice." "Tylia did not wish to be queen, but her blood demanded it." "And like every night, Jeremy felt his wife's ghostly hand touch his back." Purchase your copy of Fiction Kingdom on Amazon now and enjoy over a dozen short stories in varying... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Wanted!

Howdy all! I'm in need of bloggers to share an upcoming fantasy release from Author Melissa Sell. You can share on any platform and I will share something of yours in return across ALL of mine. I can send the teasers, links, and other info. Please leave your email in the comments or send me... Continue Reading →

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