Today I had a few crafts I needed to finish up before my trip this weekend. I intend to give them as gifts but I knew as soon as I started that little man would be curious. So, I got some paper and a couple old brushes and set up a little painting station. Honest... Continue Reading →


Today was HOT and very humid. It left me feeling so sticky and gross all day. After Hubby left for work, it was took late and too long of a walk to the pool, so I took H outside. I brought along an empty 2 liter soda bottle filled with water. When we got to... Continue Reading →

Busy Board

I saw this idea online and I loved it. I don't know if it's the carpenter's daughter coming out in me or what. We got all our materials, minus the board, on sale at Lowe's. The board was $10 at Michael's. I had a lot of trouble finding a finished one that was thick enough.... Continue Reading →

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are so cheap and so much fun. There are hundreds of activities and crafts they're good for. Recently I got a pack from Dollar Tree and made a few crafts for Honest. These are great activities because they teach fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. This one was really simple. Cut various... Continue Reading →

Toddler Yogurt Drops

My son LOVES the Gerber freeze dried yogurt drops. They're so expensive though! I looked for another solution and found this DIY way. They DO melt though and can get messy so they aren't good for taking anywhere, but my son loves them as a snack or breakfast. I'd avoid any kind that has chunks... Continue Reading →

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