Poetry by Jade

Terror inside

Have you met the beast yet?
He’s met you
Through your friends and foes
His eyes shine

Monstrous and terrifying
He’ll get you
He’ll sneak in
Through the ones you love
And tear you apart
Rip out your heart
Poison your mind

You can’t stop him
You may think you’re strong
But soon you will see
Fierce eyes staring at you
From your own reflection,
Crimson, fierce and starving

He wants you
He wants to kill you
He wants you to kill

Have you felt pain?
You will
You will scream and remain ignored
You will reach out
Fingers grasping emptiness

The beast will get you
He’ll get us all
He already has us
He’s waiting in you


Jade is the founder of Writing Bad. She resides in California with her son and cat. You can find more of her writing writingbad.org or in our facebook group

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