Ark Lost In Time: Exodus

When the Hosts arrived on Earth and wiped humanity from existence it was believed to be the end of history. It was only the beginning, the Hosts preserved the DNA of every creature to ever live on Earth and have given them eternal life on their creations called the Arks. Through the Hosts well the... Continue Reading →

Chasing Stars by Mercedes Silar

Ares I’d always seen her, even when I pretended not to. It shouldn’t have come to this. Now there’s nothing I can do to get her out of my head. I’m consumed by her. I want her, but at the same time, I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. Nikki I’ve spent my... Continue Reading →

The Blood in Guthrie – Pre-order

1934 Guthrie, Louisiana: population 577...make that 571. Severed heads, caked in blood, are piling up in the sweltering Louisiana sun with no trace of the bodies they were once attached to. The town is run by dimwitted Sheriff Elmer Avant. His new deputy, a Cincinnati transplant with a dark past, Jack McMann, is trying to... Continue Reading →

Trouble Down Under by Robert Mackey

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio) (Volume 3) Dr. Antonio and his girlfriend Plum finally thought they could get some downtime after their nautical adventures in Trouble on the High Seas. But then their new alien friends Jim and AB materialize in their rainforest home, and Antonio and the gang realize there is... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Me!

Soooo it's my birthday today! Yay! If you feel like you're in the gift giving mood, I would LOVE for some honest reviews of Love Dust on Amazon. Or if you could share a post about it! Anything helps! It's the second anthology I have published, but the 5th I have a story in. PLUS... Continue Reading →

A Haunting of Words: Only The Dead Go Free

The shower’s hiss behind me competes with the roaring inferno raging down the hallway. Breathless and without thought, I gaze with lifeless eyes into the bathroom mirror. This gore-drenched nightmare of a witch is no longer recognizable. What have I done? What was the lesson here? I never wanted this. Genre:  Horror / Rock fiction... Continue Reading →

They Come from the Shadows: A Collection of Horror

A giant sea creature. A demon possessed cat. A mysterious woman lingering in a graveyard. They all dwell just beyond the seeping tendrils of daylight--just past pleasant dreams and bubblegum palaces. This is where nightmares live. Let me tell you a story...     Kira McKinney was born and raised in the heart... Continue Reading →

Trouble on the High Seas

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio) (Volume 2) After Dr. Antonio’s amazing and ludicrous adventures in Trouble with Howlers, he and his capuchin girlfriend Plum have finally found the time for a romantic getaway for two. Waving goodbye to the plethora of their talking animal and human friends, they board the Caribbean Princess... Continue Reading →

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