Poetry by Katrina

“Blind choices” He couldn’t hear Couldn’t see Wasn’t deaf Nor blind at birth.   Didn’t care So he lost it Lost his eyes To the water His ears To the wind Her to a heart.     Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author who graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Luke

True Love Though you came into my life not so very long ago, We share a bond already, not all can comprehend. I find pleasure untold in the time we spend, Together. My knees tremble as I see you grow, Your wide-eyed wonder at the things we see, the places we go. So much enhanced... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Pat

Introducing a new poet to my array of talent!    Pat is an ex-weapons mechanic, army sergeant, and married 30 years this July. She has two children, Joshua and Aylisha, and two grandchildren, Christina and Cassidie. She lives on a farm with her two horses, Feather and Storm, eleven cats, and two dogs who are... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

Sara is a talented poet and author. Follow the links below for more from her! Check her out on Facebook! Sara A Mosier- author and poet You can see her poems and cute doggo on her Instagram. And some of her previous posts here: Poetry by Sara Poetry by Sara Poetry by Sara

Poetry by e.h.

I've found several of e.h.'s poems floating around Pinterest, and recently found her on Facebook. Seriously one of my all time favorite poets. You can find more from eh here: Erin Hanson Poetry

Poetry by Jade

Terror inside Have you met the beast yet? He’s met you Through your friends and foes His eyes shine Monstrous and terrifying He’ll get you He’ll sneak in Through the ones you love And tear you apart Rip out your heart Poison your mind You can’t stop him You may think you’re strong But soon... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Jade

So Easy It's so easy not to care. Easy to sit here alone and tell myself, I don't care about not belonging anywhere about not enjoying anything about not being heard by anyone.   It's easier to not need them. Easy to stick up my middle finger and say to them, I don't need  ... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Jade

  Paranoia He whispers conspiracies in my ear and I no longer know, which voice belongs to me, which voice belongs to Fear? Somebody, let me hear your cries, so I can compare them to my own. Perhaps there's a key hidden in their melodies, hiding a burning secret, yet untold, conspiracies whispered-they begin to... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Roy

There’s a Lighthouse Over Yonder By: Roy Bingham There’s a lighthouse over yonder. I can see it across the waves. It keeps sending out it’s message, Do not falter, just be brave.   For as long as you can see me, Across these troubled seas, I will be your guiding beacon, I will lead you... Continue Reading →

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