“Jeremy, there’s someone in the house.”
I blinked several times, and just like every night for the last seven months, my beautiful wife disappeared from beside me.

Best Writing Groups on Facebook

Writing Bad has had a huge influx of members today and I finally found out why! ProWritingAid has included us in a list of their best writing groups! WHOOP! I am part of several of the other groups listed as well. If you are searching for a writing group, check out this list! Best Writing... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 7

Here are another twelve books to add to your to read list! Are you liking these lists? Have any suggestions? Leave a comment or email me at Stay tuned for a list of Amazon author pages you should follow! Love and Omissions What happens when the one who let you get away, walks back... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sam

  Busy We’re not so much like passing ships at night- more like ships that have embarked together over a massive ocean, on a long, uncertain course. We may be dragged apart at any moment- pulled or swept away by overwhelming winds, or hidden currents, from each other- and there’s times we dip or bob... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sam

Mixed Metaphor I like that God put a healthy mix of people on Earth. All those different colours- much more appealing than everything the same. Maybe some people are too sharp, or sweet, or dry or mushy for your taste- but God tossed us all around together, then drizzled us in olive oil and vinegar-... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

Sara has written some more beautiful poems in response to a few of the daily prompts in Writing Bad. Which is your favorite? Find more of her poems on her Facebook author page Sara A. Mosier    

Poetry by Sam

Broken Promise I know I can be quite careless, but I’ll never break your heart like I broke those cups and vases- I’ve always been quite careless- but it seem to me as though this is about time that I start to try to not be quite so careless, in case I ever break your... Continue Reading →

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