“Jeremy, there’s someone in the house.” I blinked several times, and just like every night for the last seven months, my beautiful wife disappeared from beside me.

Best Writing Groups on Facebook

Writing Bad has had a huge influx of members today and I finally found out why! ProWritingAid has included us in a list of their best writing groups! WHOOP! I am part of several of the other groups listed as well. If you are searching for a writing group, check out this list! Best Writing... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 7

Here are another twelve books to add to your to read list! Are you liking these lists? Have any suggestions? Leave a comment or email me at Stay tuned for a list of Amazon author pages you should follow! Love and Omissions What happens when the one who let you get away, walks back... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sam

  Busy We’re not so much like passing ships at night- more like ships that have embarked together over a massive ocean, on a long, uncertain course. We may be dragged apart at any moment- pulled or swept away by overwhelming winds, or hidden currents, from each other- and there’s times we dip or bob... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sam

Mixed Metaphor I like that God put a healthy mix of people on Earth. All those different colours- much more appealing than everything the same. Maybe some people are too sharp, or sweet, or dry or mushy for your taste- but God tossed us all around together, then drizzled us in olive oil and vinegar-... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

Sara has written some more beautiful poems in response to a few of the daily prompts in Writing Bad. Which is your favorite? Find more of her poems on her Facebook author page Sara A. Mosier    

Poetry by Sam

Broken Promise I know I can be quite careless, but I’ll never break your heart like I broke those cups and vases- I’ve always been quite careless- but it seem to me as though this is about time that I start to try to not be quite so careless, in case I ever break your... Continue Reading →

The Raven’s Call

  I collaborated with six other writers from Writing Bad to create this fantasy story based off of the photo by Efflam Mercier.  You can find more art if you click his name and you can find out more about the authors via the links at the bottom. Enjoy! Chade inhaled slowly, wheezing as he... Continue Reading →

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