Poetry by Sara

I love this one. I think it is my new favorite of hers! Sara is a published poet who has been writing since her teenage years. You can find more from her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sara A Mosier- author and poet  Instagram. Twitter

Poetry by Katrina

“Fence” Paths not meant To merge Met with indecision Dragged feet Bitten lips.   Stuck by wire Cutting deep One pries Another pulls Third breaks.   Shatters Scattered Carried away in wind Swept away with leaves River current Free.     Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author who graduated from the University of... Continue Reading →


Lincoln stared down into the gentle lake with an ancient, heavy sadness.  It was almost as if his very bones were leaden down with the centuries of pain he felt. The crystal clear water gave him a perfect view of the monstrous beast deep beneath its surface. “What has humanity come to,” his voice carried... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Laura

Honey Tongue   Speak to me, honey tongue. Your activities in lush amber tones drift through air: every worker bee is envious, each sweet tooth craves more. Honey tongue, speak to me. Your questions drip molasses on my lips. Honeysuckle laughter ripples through my empty body. Speak to me, honey tongue…     When Laura... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Luke

The Bond I remember the first time I saw your face When we first met: A vision so clear. A day in my life I will always hold dear. More than the four minute mile, or the first man in space I can remember the time; remember the place. Our bodies unite when I hold... Continue Reading →

The Length of Stories

This is helpful but also disheartening. *goes back to cutting Ranch with a hacksaw*

Richie Billing | Fantasy Writer

I see many people seeking guidance on how long their novels and stories should be. Having compiled lists of publishers of short and long fantasy fiction I’ve noticed a few trends.

This article looks at the lengths publishers seek for fiction in their various forms: micro, flash, short, novelettes, novellas, and novels. But it begins with a few words of caution.

Forget word counts

A controversial start. Let me explain.

“A story is as long as it needs to be.”

This was the best bit of advice I received when querying how long my novel should be. Writing the first draft of any story with a word count in mind is stifling. At that stage of the process, you require unlimited creative freedom. You want to see where your characters take you and how the plot develops. A tight word count may dissuade you from exploring these detours, which may…

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Poetry by Sara

Sara is a published poet who has been writing since her teenage years. You can find more from her on Facebook and Instagram. Sara A Mosier- author and poet  Instagram.

Poetry by Pat

More poems from Pat 🙂 Pat is an ex-weapons mechanic, army sergeant, and married 30 years this July. She has two children, Joshua and Aylisha, and two grandchildren, Christina and Cassidie. She lives on a farm with her two horses, Feather and Storm, eleven cats, and two dogs who are all rescues. Stephen King is... Continue Reading →

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