Kamyla Chung and the Classroom Bully- Kid’s Book

Kamyla Chung loves school! Then one day everything changes when a classmate named Nikita begins to disrupt the classroom. Kamyla grows anxious about Nikita's hurtful behavior. It's hard to learn and have fun in school with Nikita constantly misbehaving. One day the two girls have an argument and Kamyla gets hurt. Afterwards, Kamyla learns of... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Blog Tour-Susan Gibbons

Susan Gibbons is a romance writer and author hailing from Ohio with her husband and children. “The Mirror” is her first published romance novella. Besides Love Dust, she has written short stories and flash fictions for A Journey of Words, Fireburst, and A Flash of Words. She’s shy, believes in Karma, and does what she can... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Bog Tour- Brandy Bonifas

Brandy Bonifas lives in Ohio with her husband and son. When she isn’t busy reining in her rambuctious preschooler, she spends late nights at her laptop working on her next story. Her speculative fiction spans several genres and her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in anthologies by Clarendon House Publications, Zombie Pirate Publishing, and now Pixie... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 9

Another twelve books! Make sure to leave a review after you've read them and please share this list! Autumn Eternal Of all the places to grow up, Kip Carringer spent his youth in the secluded little town of Arno. Strange things were common there but no one seemed to notice, except for Kip that is.... Continue Reading →

Filthy Two-Legs

“It was less than I was hoping for…” a feminine voice floated through Cael’s head as he lay on the dusty ground. His shoulder ached from breaking his fall, but otherwise he thought he was fine. He glared across the pen and met the creature’s obsidian gaze as she pranced along the thick fence, her... Continue Reading →

Autumn Eternal- To Be Read

Kyle Bagsby is the third place winner for Pixie Forest Publishing's Mythical Creature Contest. You can find him via his social links at the bottom, but check out his middle-grade fiction book "Autumn Eternal" below!  Of all the places to grow up, Kip Carringer spent his youth in the secluded little town of Arno. Strange... Continue Reading →

The Flotsam Heart

Something…something stirred him awake. Gears stuttered and clicked, causing the deep-sea fish who had burrowed into the coral attached to his exterior to flee. High above his dark, cold grave, it hummed and pulsed. He could feel it. His rusty eyes opened slowly and he followed its path as it slowly passed overhead. He needed... Continue Reading →

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