Poetry by Sam

  Busy We’re not so much like passing ships at night- more like ships that have embarked together over a massive ocean, on a long, uncertain course. We may be dragged apart at any moment- pulled or swept away by overwhelming winds, or hidden currents, from each other- and there’s times we dip or bob... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Kristen

“Thief of the Night” Sweet prince of my dreams, you have stolen my heart. And you have freed the beast of pain within. You, a thief in the night, came unannounced.   A protector of my soul.   You have vanquished the dragon of the past that has taken me prisoner. I bestow upon you... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sam

Haircut I knew I was right to buy the clippers- you were unsure at first, nervous you’d make mistake. Now look at you move around my seat in our bathroom mirror- crouched- peering- like a chemist with a test tube while the buzzers buzz the electronic roar that sounds bored rather than angry- the teeth... Continue Reading →

Richie Billing’s Sharing is Caring

Here’s another grouping of wonderful articles from the blogging world for you to sink your teeth into. This week we’re treated to the insights of a creative writing teacher, the unchosen heroes of fantasy, the importance of reading, and using infographics to promote your books! via Sharing is Caring Thursday #7 Insights of a creative writing... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Makenzie

Lost and Found She used to watch the stars Used to hold them in her hands Felt them dance and twirl Falling through her fingers like grains of sand They were alive for her, and her alone Of that, she had no doubt And she danced and laughed with carefree ease Until, one by one,... Continue Reading →

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