Poetry by Kristen

“Shelter in My Arms”

Lean on my shoulder. I will not let you fall. Hold onto me tighter. I will not let you go.

Need me as much as you want, and I will never let you fall apart.

Whisper to my heart, and I will never leave you.

Kiss the stars, close your eyes, and make a wish.

And I will send angels to quench the fires that burn your dreams. Bury the past in my arms,

for you are not meant to carry your burdens on your own.

I will be there as you have always been for me.

I will be there to keep you safe and dry when the storms are raging

and when the waves come crashing.


Please do not give up,

for you will always find shelter in my arms.


Kristen Brandon lives in Virginia with her two crazy cats and loving boyfriend.  She has been writing poetry for the past 20 years. Her true passion is teaching children with special needs and writing poetry to bring hope to others.

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