Poetry by Gabby

Chasing the Same Story


I’ve spent a third of my life

Chasing the same story.

I’ve gotten nowhere really

And I’ve had no glory.

Somedays it feels hopeless,

Like I’m never going to win,

But then he says something

And I’m stuck with a grin.

Sometimes he calls me pretty,

Sometimes it’s that I’m the best.

When he looks at me,

I forget all the rest.

It’s been seven years

And I’ve gotten nowhere

But I wouldn’t trade anything

For the memories that we share.



Baffy Basics is authored by a college student named Gabby Rose. She lives in Northeast Ohio and is studying to become a teacher. She has been writing poetry since she was a freshman in high school. Stay tuned for more from Gabby and check her out on her website:

Baffy Basics

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