Poetry by Gabby

Midnight Tears   Midnight tears Stream down my face. Happiness Has left no trace. As tears fall, Mascara drips. Lipstick fades From frowning lips. sadness fills Every inch. Single touch To make  me flinch. Why am I Alone again? Why must I Feel this harsh pain? Why am I not good enough? Why do I... Continue Reading →

Fliers is Available NOW!

Check out this BRAND new book by fellow author, Laura Mae!

Laura Mae

That’s right everyone! Everything I’ve been doing up until now has lead to this. Paperback is available for you to hold and love in your own hands. The eBook will be out on the 27th if you prefer that way. Just wait! 😀

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Poetry by Sara

Sara is a talented poet and author. Follow the links below for more from her! Check her out on Facebook! Sara A Mosier- author and poet You can see her poems and cute doggo on her Instagram. And some of her previous posts here: Poetry by Sara Poetry by Sara Poetry by Sara

Poetry by Adam

The Path of Most Resistance  The path of most resistance A desperate insistence to be And to have and to hold Boldly going where only a few have gone before Because that is the essence The inherent wisdom The very meaning of life itself A willingness to say No! I will go my own way... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Kristen

“Are You There?” You've reached God's answering service. Sorry I'm not around to answer your call. I'm away from my desk or on the other line. You ARE very important to me. Please leave a message after the beep, and I promise I'll call you when you are ready for me to help you with... Continue Reading →

Sova: The Owlman

The children all knew the rule: don’t cross the barrier between the playground and the old cemetery. If you did, Sova would get you.

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