Poetry by Ahja

isabella de la cruz  (Imitation of Lucille Clifton’s “Miss Rosie”)


when i watch you

allowing him to force

your smile through his mask

like the grim reaper would place

a kiss upon someone’s lips


when i watch you

dipped in yellow, walking the hall

as if you’ve never been

knocked down to your knees

a sad child in school

i say

when i watch you

you twisted tongue of verse

who used to be “it girl” for our camp

used to mean beautiful

i overcome

your contagious façade

i overcome


Ahja Fox resides in Aurora, Colorado. She is an avid reader, dancer, and researcher of all things morbid and supernatural. Her other passion is acting as co-host/ co-partner for Art of Storytelling (a reading series in Denver). You can find her work published or forthcoming in Driftwood Press, Rigorous, Five:2:One, Noctua Review, The Perch, Boned , Tuck Magazine, Taxicab Magazine, and more. Stay up-to-date on her reading/performance schedule and publications by following her on Instagram and Twitter at aefoxx.

Poetry By Ahja

Poetry by Ahja

Poetry by Ahja

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