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Are you looking for a good book? Will you help me support my fellow  authors and check out the ones below? Here are a dozen books to browse from and share, all pulled from Writing Bad Promotions .  Stay tuned for the second installment tomorrow! 

The Culling

150 years after a virus wipes out most of the world’s population, Reagan Scott finds herself chosen for the State of the Union’s fifth Culling. She will compete against 49 of the country’s brightest girls. And then, of course, there are the 50 boys. Though the government truly means well, not everything is as it seems. She will be tested to the fullest extent while an evil storm brews. With eliminations happening frequently, how far can she make it? And if she makes it far enough to meet the boys, how can she be expected to, at just 18 years of age, find a partner…for life? Does she have what it takes to be the next Madam President?

Shards of Survival

Eight gripping tales of survival from authors all over the globe, myself included! From members of Writing Bad

Arranged- An Array Novel

They say no good deed goes unpunished.
Isn’t that the truth.
My good deed confined me to my own personal prison, with a target on my back.
But when my childhood best friend, the Prince of Telliva, asks for my help, promising me my freedom in return, I find myself in danger from enemies, both seen and unseen.

Appropriate Force: A Tale of the Spirit Callers Saga (Tales of the Spirit Callers Saga Book 1)

The Wandering Man has come to the city of Belderhampton. A rogue assassin with nothing to lose. Somewhere amidst the crowds of the annual city carnival, his target awaits him. A target whose death will change the course of history in the five kingdoms.

#OctoberHorror: Years 1&2

The leaves begin to change, and fall away from their branches. The air carries an icy chill, on a calm, serene night. The world is in transition. What a perfect time to pierce the veil, and get a glimpse of that which our eyes should never behold… #OctoberHorror began in 2016, as a way to celebrate the “scariest month of the year.” Contained within are seven stories from the first two years of the blog series. Find your most comfortable reading spot, grab a nice warm beverage to sip, and whatever you do, don’t turn out the lights!

Midnight’s Gambit (The King’s Son Trilogy Book 1)

Two kittens have gone missing and it is up to Midnight the Detective and his partner Ghost to find them. As they close the case, they discover a sinister plot to take over Cat Land.

Facing battle rats and the dangerous Red Devil, Midnight must count on his pals to help him overcome these threats. The banished Queen has returned to claim her throne, only adding to Midnight’s problems.

Now it is up to Midnight and his friends to stop the evil Queen and save Cat Land before it is too late.

Second Time’s the Charm

Two years after divorcing her cheating husband of thirteen years, Danielle finds herself falling in love with a man she met at the fair. Logan isn’t only charming with his English accent and rugged good looks, but he makes Danielle happier than she thought possible. The only thing standing in her way of happiness is her own trust issues.

Final 42

The Bravo 400’s shift of the Corpus Christi Police Department is a tight-knit group of officers. As they work hard and play hard, they form indomitable friendships and often spend time outside of work with their families at shift get-togethers.

Police culture is unlike any other, but these ten shift-mates – along with two supervisors – get it, because they live it.

Their family members get it, because they live it too.

Knowing the ever-present dangers in the line of duty is one thing. What happens when the ultimate sacrifice is made by one of the Bravo 400’s shift members?

Always Darkest (Arbitratus Trilogy)

Everybody loves a hero.
Everybody loves an antihero with a heart of gold.
Nobody loves a demon.
Nobody but Mal Sinclair, though she doesn’t know it.
Ben was just looking for a vacation from hell, but wound up finding his life’s purpose instead.
Always Darkest, Book I of The Arbitratus Trilogy, draws you into a world of angels and demons walking among us, a world where good and evil are not absolutes. An ancient prophesy sets the stage, but the players will decide the outcome.
And the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Piers Anthony (Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality, et al.) calls Always Darkest “A different story,” and “A solid fantasy novel”.

Portraits in Flesh

Annabelle has discovered she can instantly transport herself to the destination on her satnav. Although ghost like when she travels, her remarkable ability takes her from England to France, Croatia and beyond.

As Annabelle explores her potential it puts her life and the lives of those she loves in danger and leads her into the path of an enigmatic and intelligent serial killer.

What will he do if he discovers Annabelle’s ability?

Some places were never meant to be visited.

The Great Game: Book One of the Spirit Callers Saga

Welcome to the five kingdoms. It is a time of peace and prosperity, a time of unity and cooperation. Fifty years after a peace treaty brought them together, things feel like they’ve never been better for those that live there. And the sport of spirit calling has thrived into an industry worth billions, where daring competitors pit their genetically enhanced beasts against each other in shows of skill and stamina.

Every five years it happens. The Competitive Centenary Calling Challenge Cup. Two hundred spirit callers enter. There can only be one winner. There will be losers in the great game to take it all. Competitors and champions, spies and traitors, friends, families, enemies, liars and cheats, all will play as the tournament comes to the only one of the five kingdoms never to hold it in its history. Despite this sign of progression, all is not well in the world. Always there are those who seek to distort the natural order of things for their own gain. Always there are those who take it upon themselves to challenge the natural order, not just to question the ways of the world but the gods themselves.

To Hold (To Have Book 2)

Everyone has them. Some are little. Some are big. Some are harder to hide than others. Stephanie Barbieri had no problem keeping things hidden from the time she was a teenager. An emotionally abusive boyfriend. The popular girl who moonlighted as a bully. The whirlwind romance that landed her in the hospital.
For Stephanie, burying secrets was the only option until she was forced to face her fears.
And him. Eventually she had to face him. The hero. Her savior. The maximum dose of reality.

Max Wyatt has spent the better part of his time as the new cop in a new community keeping his own secrets. He shares very little information about his past, even with those closest to him, because the past taunts him, keeping him up at night until he works himself into an emotional frenzy. It’s filled with a darkness he’s been fighting for years.
It’s a past that simultaneously haunts and motivates him.
A past that convinces him it’s time to stop avoiding her. The girl he saved. The one who has the ability to help him put his ghosts to rest.



Stay tuned for the next post with even more awesome books! If you would like your book on my next list, please send me an email at with the link 🙂


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