Poetry by Luke


The line between darkness and light grows faint

Sometimes I think I am going insane

You don’t seem to notice. Do you even care?

You merely see my smiling face – the mask I wear.

Only when alone do I go unmasked, without restraint

Only I see that which, without it, will remain.

Beneath the blonde haired, blue eyed shell

Hide the secrets of my living hell.


The icy glass walls surround me, though none can see;

I reach out to touch you, my fingers freeze to the bone.

I reach out again, for the blissful pain that sets me free,

My blood red shield against the dark unknown.

My treasure trove; my self-searing antidote for anything I feel.

Though it hurts so much, at least it shows me I am real.



Luke is a talented poet/writer from Australia. Follow my site for more poems from him and check out previous ones here:

Poetry by Luke

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Poetry by Luke

Poetry by Luke

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