Poetry by Luke

Old Flame


Talking at dinner of nothing much.

With a whispered word, a feather’s brush

Their passion ignites at a simple touch.

Her face lights up with a molten flush

As feelings of yore unbidden arise.

Suffusing radiance as from the sun

Emboldens the flames within her eyes

Till the old warmth engulfs them; they are at one.


Skin tingling from a rush of fresh blood

Her spine arches outlining the curve of a thigh

The candle flickers, accenting a breast

A wave crashes over them, preceding the flood.

Wave follows wave, until with a sigh,

They both recline, at peace, at rest.


Luke has an array of poems that I’m eager to share with you all, so please stay tuned for more! Find previous poems here:

Reflections at Amiens

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