Poetry by Luke

Solitary Sunset


I walk alone and ill at ease.

On currents of the salty breeze,

while Silver gulls all dip and soar,

my mind’s on things I can’t ignore.

In time the breath-defying sunset crowns the sea,

from cream topped wave to coral cay.

Breakers crashing on the shore,

unleash their power with a visceral roar.


At last the sun winks out of sight,

at the closing of another day.

And the wind picks up the chill of night.

Still I linger, the sirens calling, bid me stay…

But content now, with the clarity I’ve got.

I move away and leave this pretty spot.


Luke is a talented poet located in Perth, Australia. You can find more poems from him here:

Reflections at Amiens

Old Flame

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