Poetry by Makenzie


The Thunderstorm

Drip drop, drip drop

Down the gutter with a plop

Pitter patter, titter tatter

Against my window with a clatter

Like a misty shroud

Here come the clouds

Hear the boom

The thunder will loom

Over the valley

It will rally

The wind is rushing

The ground is gushing

Turning to mud

And in some places a flood

Splish splash splish splash

Lightening will flash

Through the sky

It will fly

Flish flash

Boom doom, loom

Pitter patter titter tatter

Flitter flatter didder dadder

Drip drop drip drop



Makenzie is a talented writer, poet, and full time student who resides in Utah with her bees and fluffy cat. You can find more poems by Makenzie here

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