Poetry by Makenzie

A Story of Truth and Lies

Everyone looks, everyone sees

No one hears, no one believes

A cry rings out, afraid to tell

A story of Heaven

A story of Hell


How do you know?

How do we care?

The bell tolls

In the quiet air


Loud the sounds

Of music rings

Across the world

The silence doth bring


One small tear from the sky

Than a chorus of truths and lies

Mixed with that war of ages old

This world is fairly young is told

Barely begotten barely begun

Is the light of the stars

The light of the sun


If you could see

If you could care

If you could love this world fair

What would you do?

What would you tell?

Remnants of a world unseen

Remnants of your hopes and your dreams


Lovely the lilies, lovely these days

But the memory shall ultimately fade

Lost, but not gone

Unheard of but yet seen


The day breaks

The sun turns black

The stars are falling

The world cracks

Yet out of the fire out of the flames

Beauty must come again


So listen now, and listen well

Of these stories of Heaven

These stories of Hell.


Among the darkness of the night

Is a day that will set the world right

Everyone will hear

Everyone will believe


But there is no guaranty

Believe in truth, or believe in lies

One you’ll live, one you’ll die

Which is which?

That’s for you to tell

You’ll go to heaven

Or you’ll go to Hell.


Makenzie is a talented writer, poet, and full time student who resides in Utah with her bees and fluffy cat. You can find more of her poems here:

Unfulfilled Vows






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