Poetry by Makenzie

Lost and Found

She used to watch the stars
Used to hold them in her hands
Felt them dance and twirl
Falling through her fingers like grains of sand

They were alive for her, and her alone
Of that, she had no doubt
And she danced and laughed with carefree ease
Until, one by one, those stars flicker out.

Back then everyday was a gift
An adventure waiting to be born
Now every day the sun rises
Seeming to laugh the girl to scorn.

Those beautiful, wondrous stars
Her once best friends retreat
And she’s left alone and cold
The rising sun to meet

When did breathing become a burden
When did waking become a curse
When did I bow my head and drop my eyes
The stars no more to be first

I go about my daily life
avoiding those stars at all cost
I tell myself they’re dull, unimportant
the little girls dreams are lost.

Dreams don’t pay
Dreams don’t see
And that cold sun
Is secretly killing me.

Lift your head
Turn to the sky
Spread your arms and dare to dream
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll fly

For it is only keeping true to those stars
That keeps you truly alive
Sometimes the things you cannot see are the most real
The sun is just hiding them with its light.

But wait, just you wait
And you will start to feel
A flickering flame, a burning passion
Inside you that is quite real.

For things do change
And you will for sure get lost
But find the stars inside yourself
And then let them to the darkening sky, be tossed.

Then sing and laugh
Find again your wonder
For this life is surely full of pain
But challenge yourself to dance with the thunder

You’ll never be lost
you’ll never be alone
For it’s inside you that you live
It’s inside you that you’ll find a home.


Makenzie is a talented poet, artist, and full time student. She resides in Utah with her bees and cat. Find more of her poems here:




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