Poetry by Laura


The Rugby Ball

I am sailing through the quiet air, watching all your eyes below; as I land I whisper,

“Come and get me.”

Then the game begins!

You charge, a stampeding thunder,

you will



leap             me,


SCREAM for me,




All for me!


I’ve seen you get kicked, bruised, even bleed.

I am a scuffed, dirty jewel-

the only thing you crave.


Such adoration! But I can’t help myself; I tease.

I go

this way,

that way,

then pass



line of


only to be carried past stalwart posts and caressed by grass.


I am stationary only for seconds before I am tossed back into the air.

Later, you will hold me for an instant before I am

carried away

by the hands

of another,

but I know…

You will always want me back.




When Laura DiNovis Berry is not reviewing poetry books, she attempts her own hand at a craft she will always be a student to and forever fascinated by.





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