Poetry by Luke

The Night Watch

She watches the men as their flash cars roll by…

Do they have all wives to whom they lie?
Or are they young bucks with a big night ahead?

It makes no difference, whether single or wed.

She’s seen them all, with a cynical eye.

She doesn’t ask questions, or poke, or pry.

They’re all the same, whether Tom, John or Fred.

It makes no difference what they’ve done or said.


She holds many secrets behind ruby lips

That sometimes break free in the depths of night.

She sees their blank faces, in memory replayed.

She could do such damage, if she were to let slip…

Who is she? You wonder … Well you got that right!

She’s the one men come to, when they want to get laid.


Luke is a talented poet/writer from Australia. Follow Little Lady Saga for more poems from him and check out previous ones here:
Poetry by Luke

Poetry by Luke

Poetry by Luke

Poetry by Luke

Poetry by Luke

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