Poetry by Luke W.

Death, My Immortality by Luke W-

I wrote this after a conversation with a friend. He told me “You know, most writers become immortal when they die. That’s when everyone wants to read their work.” Given the title of my book is The Paradox Complex I remembered that conversation and quickly began writing this poem. Even though my friend mentioned writers, this goes for several occupations and even those closest to us. We keep them close to us long after they are gone and how keeping the thoughts and ideas of someone alive, can be seen as making them immortal.

Death, My Immortality

I will be remembered long after I’m gone

You’ll speak of me after I release my swan song

I want to be known after I embark on my exodus

And you will talk of me long after I turn to dust

I will leave a body of work no one will forget

It’ll be as if I’m still here though I’ve already left

Today I may be human, tomorrow I am a legend

You’ll never meet me but you’ll know my complexion

I’ll become the standard for which you will measure

Because my death will be the reason I live forever

And you will know this once my exodus is made

Because you will forever remember my name


Luke Wood writes books under the name C.L. Williams. He’s an independent author from Virginia and recently released a poetry book called The Paradox Complex, which is about how we as people have contradictory qualities but are still good at our core. The Paradox Complex is one of five planned releases this year.

Find more from Luke W. at the following:




The Paradox Complex on Amazon http://amzn.to/2FCv02J

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