Primitive Passions, Book 1 of The Boschloper Saga:

When Sean O’Cathail deserted in New York Harbor in 1681, it was not to become a boschloper.

PP Front cover.jpg

He jumped ship to save his own skin. Getting into the fur trading business was just where he landed. As an Irish refugee hiding out in a Dutch colony now controlled by the English, Sean found he had a knack for diplomacy as he negotiated between the colonists and their Iroquois neighbors. This skill also helped with his love life, torn between courting a servant in town, while sleeping with an Indian lass when in the wilderness. As the French and their Indian allies encroach ever farther into their territory. Sean’s diplomatic skills will be put to the test. Then, he learns more than a few pelts are at stake.

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John M. Cahill is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science. Prior to his retirement from New York State government, he enjoyed a successful and rewarding 35 years of writing, editing and publishing public information and social marketing materials. It was while living in New York’s Mohawk Valley that he took an interest in the state’s history and began to explore the relationships and interactions of the Dutch and English fur traders with their Iroquois neighbors and French adversaries. Cahill is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Historical Writers Association, Historical Writers of America, Society of Authors and Alliance of Independent Authors. He lives, with his wife, in Vienna, Austria. He can be followed on Facebook ( and Twitter (@boschloper), and you can learn more about him and his work on his homepage at 



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