Bit Grim, Isn’t It?: “Follow the rope. Close your eyes. Keep going forward.” 
A rope that goes on forever, a dark and sinister apartment block, a morally conflicted orc and a strange initiation on Halloween night are just some of the tales that await you in ‘Bit Grim, Isn’t It?’ Macabre, funny, honest, strange, this collection of 10 short stories will make you laugh, cry and shudder. Be warned. These stories… are a bit Grim. 

Bit Grim Isn't It Cover.jpg

Purchase Link:

Author Bio:
Christopher Galvin is from Croghan, County Offaly. He has a background in TV and
Film, a BA Hons Degree in Video and he works as a short film director, writer and
editor. His latest short film ‘Stuck’ has had a successful run on the film festival circuit.
Christopher loves writing and ‘Strings’ was his first self published book. ‘Bit Grim, Isn’t It?’ a collection of short stories, was published in August 2018. He has plans for more short stories, a sequel to ‘Strings’, a YA fantasy novel, a horror novel and a supernatural thriller.
Christopher can be found online at the following links: 

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