Luna: The Lone Wolf

This is a YA book I’ve read as a beta and LOVED. Forest does an amazing job writing the wolves and the story is great. I highly recommend checking out his fundraising efforts and following him. -Jensen

Luna was destined to be alpha once he became an adult, but before he got the chance, his own brother, Rajor, framed him for a crime no one committed, leading to Luna being banished from the pack. Declared a lone wolf, never to know the company of another wolf, Luna turns bitter as he learns to accept his new fate. Yet even as he does, other wolves, strange two-legged creatures, and one mockingbird, force themselves into his life, driving him through a gauntlet of trials where he must reconnect with the alpha he was born to be, or turn away from it forever – assuming he even survives.

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Forest Wells is an author with a deep passion for all things wild canine, as well as pro football, and e-sports. He has authored a short story, as well as several poems, all published in the 2015-2017 editions of the “Wolf Warriors” anthologies. He currently lives in his home town of Thermal, California.

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( I am trying to raise funds, but it really is a pre-order as well. Those who contribute, will get their copy first.)

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  1. As a beta reader, I can affirm that it is a beautiful story, and an engaging read. He never steps out of the wolf’s perspective, and he draws you almost instantly into Luna’s physical and emotional journey. His GoFundMe is actually a pre-order site, but he also accepts off-site pre-orders. I’ve ordered mine! I definitely wanted a couple of the gorgeous bookmarks to go with it.

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