The Length of Stories

This is helpful but also disheartening. *goes back to cutting Ranch with a hacksaw*

Richie Billing

I see many people seeking guidance on how long their novels and stories should be. Having compiled lists of publishers of short and long fantasy fiction I’ve noticed a few trends.

This article looks at the lengths publishers seek for fiction in their various forms: micro, flash, short, novelettes, novellas, and novels. But it begins with a few words of caution.

Forget word counts

A controversial start. Let me explain.

“A story is as long as it needs to be.”

This was the best bit of advice I received when querying how long my novel should be. Writing the first draft of any story with a word count in mind is stifling. At that stage of the process, you require unlimited creative freedom. You want to see where your characters take you and how the plot develops. A tight word count may dissuade you from exploring these detours, which may…

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