Lincoln stared down into the gentle lake with an ancient, heavy sadness.  It was almost as if his very bones were leaden down with the centuries of pain he felt. The crystal clear water gave him a perfect view of the monstrous beast deep beneath its surface.

“What has humanity come to,” his voice carried no further than the wooden edge of his small rowboat, “that we would do something so inhumane?”

A breeze blew across the lake and drew his attention to the mountain in the distance. He had always believed it was that mountain that called to him. That mountain that gently pulled at him as if connected by a string. He shifted his gaze back to the water where he could almost see the thick rope leading him to the dragon’s skeleton beneath. He knew now what had been truly calling him his entire life.

“I will find a way to bring you back,” he whispered to the still waters. “To bring you home.”

His gazed at the beast for a while longer until loud pop music began blaring from his pocket. Annoyed at the interruption from the real world, he pulled his cellphone out to answer the call.



Credit to Stefan Koidl for art

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