Today was HOT and very humid. It left me feeling so sticky and gross all day. After Hubby left for work, it was took late and too long of a walk to the pool, so I took H outside. I brought along an empty 2 liter soda bottle filled with water. When we got to the park I poked a hole in the top of the bottle near the lid then tipped it.



It worked better if I squeezed it a little but H loved it! He usually doesn’t like water on his face but this time he did. He screeched and tried to splash in it. Completely soaked himself in just a little water. It lasted about 15 minutes and kept him entertained. It also got us out in the sun, which I like.


Really simple solution to the summer heat when you can’t go anywhere and don’t want to stay inside!


An idea I saw that’s similar was hooking the 2 liter bottle to a hose and having a bunch of small holes all over the bottle. You can hang it from a branch or something and you have a fun sprinkler!


If you don’t have an empty bottle you can always just use a bucket of water. Toddlers love putting things into containers and splashing/making a mess. Grab some floaty toys or even things from nature like a couple different sized rocks, some twigs, leaves, etc.

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