Busy Board


I saw this idea online and I loved it. I don’t know if it’s the carpenter’s daughter coming out in me or what. We got all our materials, minus the board, on sale at Lowe’s. The board was $10 at Michael’s. I had a lot of trouble finding a finished one that was thick enough. Since we rent I can’t attach it to the wall like I want, but H is pretty good at not carrying it around or anything.


We have several locks, a wheel, a hinge, and a screw hook. I also have a light switch and a toggle switch to add. I want a few other things like a push light but I can’t find them on sale yet. I also saw an idea I love where you get a wooden letter of the child’s first name and make that into the board. You can also paint the board(I recommend chalkboard paint), let them color it to decorate it, or even put stickers on it.


“Can’t I just play, Mama? Why must you have the camera?” *dramatic eye roll I’m sure he’ll do when he’s a teen*


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