Toddler Yogurt Drops

My son LOVES the Gerber freeze dried yogurt drops. They’re so expensive though! I looked for another solution and found this DIY way. They DO melt though and can get messy so they aren’t good for taking anywhere, but my son loves them as a snack or breakfast. I’d avoid any kind that has chunks like cherry and such. 🙂


(I borrowed the picture because mine are M.I.A.) Look the same though!


Yoplait yogurt of choice (They freeze the best)

Sandwich bag

Cookie sheet

wax paper


I open the bag and put it in a small cup so it doesn’t fall, then i put the yogurt in. Squish the air out of the bag and close it. Line your pan/cookie sheet with wax paper. Cut the VERY tip off of the sandwich bag and gently squeeze yogurt onto the pan. I make mine about dime sized. (Any smaller they melt really quick and any larger they are harder for H to eat)  Freeze overnight. I will peel them off the wax paper and put in another bag then. I give them to him 3-4 at a time and they usually don’t melt then.


Hopefully this works for you and you little one! 🙂

(.P.S. They are good for you too. Just make them bigger.)

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