Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are so cheap and so much fun. There are hundreds of activities and crafts they’re good for. Recently I got a pack from Dollar Tree and made a few crafts for Honest. These are great activities because they teach fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

This one was really simple. Cut various lengths of the pipe cleaners and add in a magnet. Voila! Sculptures or a fun way to pick them all up. I also used these pieces in an empty 2 liter bottle and it’s fun to use the magnet to make them move inside it. If your kiddo is younger, like H, you can leave the lid off and let them put the bits in the bottle then shake shake shake it out! Repeat times fifty 🙂


He loves this. I took a sticky back piece of foam and attached it to the back of a notebook. Cut it out and personalized it with more foam. Then I used a hole punch to…well…punch holes. Add some pipe cleaner and tada! He spends so long playing with this and he will point to his name then himself. 😀 (Mama bragging moment done) He also likes it when we attach various objects to it via the pipe cleaner. I’ve noticed an improvement with his hand eye coordination/ fine motor skills already. He insists on holding them at the furthest end from what he’s trying to do so he was really shaky and needed help to start. Now he does it no problem and I only made this less than a month ago.

Some other pipe cleaner activities I’ve seen are:

Using a strainer in place of the foam board( ours doesn’t have holes…it has slats)

Counting with pony beads and pipe cleaners

Making sculptures (SO many possibilities. Animals, flowers, masks, etc)

Making jewelry

Threading it through paper or foam or felt.

Use it in busy books

Paint brush

What are some pipe cleaner activities you’ve done/ liked?

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