Bloggers Wanted!

Howdy all! I'm in need of bloggers to share an upcoming fantasy release from Author Melissa Sell. You can share on any platform and I will share something of yours in return across ALL of mine. I can send the teasers, links, and other info. Please leave your email in the comments or send me... Continue Reading →

Fiction Kingdom- Upcoming Release

I posted on Facebook and Tik Tok already but I am SUPER excited to announce my first book! Fiction Kingdom is a multi-genre, short story collection. It has some previously published stories as well as brand new ones! I am super thankful to United Faedom Publishing for signing me on and helping me make this... Continue Reading →

Sea Glass Hearts Poetry Anthology LIVE

Sea Glass Hearts  by Stormy Island Publishing is #1 in 'New Releases' in the US! You'll find my poem "In Heaven" along with some amazing poets, including one of my favorites, Ashley Lambright, who I've featured here numerous times! ⭐️ eBook:⭐️ Paperback: : photo courtesy of Zoey Xolton

Man Vs Happiness

Earth 2020: The Mental Health Disaster has destroyed half the population of Earth. Humanity is at crisis point. It's the chosen Legacy Scholar's job to document the journey, but when his only window into the outside world breaks, he's in a race against time to fix it before we are lost forever. Take a read... Continue Reading →

New Release: Dead Petals

Bad things only happen to other people... Amazon link: Reviews: I highly recommend this book if you are a fan of murder mysteries or the paranormal. It's amazingly written and has twists that caught me completely off guard. This isn't even a genre I usually dabble in, but I loved this book.  You... Continue Reading →

The rules were simple: We were to accept His testimony. We were to want no worldly goods. We were to give up our ties to the outside world. We were to finish strong. We were to know this wasn’t our world. That would come and only He could deliver us. For now, we were to... Continue Reading →

Betrayal (Corrupt Empire Book 1)

One tattooed anti-hero gets caught up in a whirlwind with an innocent heiress. It'll keep you on your toes with its web of lies and secrets. It all started one dark night. The last night I saw my family. The night I met him. The only man to haunt my every moment. Her I witnessed... Continue Reading →

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