Margo Flint and the Last Soldier by Nick Mazmanian

 The world ended, but then it didn't, and after a long time Margo Flint was born. Margo is an unstoppable sixteen year old, and that is demonstrated when she defies an order set down by the 8 to keep her at home in Artsiv after she found an ancient map inside an abandoned library. Wanting... Continue Reading →

Synchronicity by Erin Crocker

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. A lot of people die. A lot of people lie mercilessly. More people die. Buy Here Lila was normal. At least, she tried to be. Plagued by nightmares about the quiet, new guy in school, she struggles to focus on her senior year. When Wesley reaches out to her,... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Rich Rurshell

Rich and I were in Full Metal Horror together, and I have loved his writing since! Learn more about him right here!  Rich Rurshell is a short story writer from Suffolk, England. He writes horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, and his stories can be found in various short story anthologies and magazines.  Most recently, his story... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Forest Wells

Today we're reading about Forest Wells, a fantasy and sci-fi author who just released his debut novel Luna. Forest and I met through Writing Bad a couple years ago, and I had the pleasure of beta reading for him. He's a fantastic author and shares my love for wolves. Can you write yourself into a... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Debbie Zaken

For my first author interview, I'm getting to know the award-winning author of YA sci-fi novel, Colliding Skies. Share a favorite scene from your book! Why do you like it so much? The scene I chose from Colliding Skies isn’t a major scene in the book. But it’s a funny scene and one that I... Continue Reading →

The Abduction Chronicles

A story based on some compelling true life events of the author, whose ex-wife claimed they were abducted by aliens during their brief marriage. She had learned how to melt their installed memory blocks and could now remember everything about the abductions.  Tom embarks on a mission to unlock the mysterious secrets behind their abductions.          Link:... Continue Reading →

Chaos Cypher: Restitution Erebus

The Novus – a wasteland stripped bare by rogue nano-machines and stalked by enhanced cyber-mercenaries known infamously as The Blue Lycans. In this volatile place, a small city flourishes tenuously on the periphery; Cerise Timbers. The anarchists have found solidarity and cooperation to be their main asset to survival, but when young Leif is exposed... Continue Reading →

Ark Lost In Time: Exodus

When the Hosts arrived on Earth and wiped humanity from existence it was believed to be the end of history. It was only the beginning, the Hosts preserved the DNA of every creature to ever live on Earth and have given them eternal life on their creations called the Arks. Through the Hosts well the... Continue Reading →

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