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A Contract of Words: Endless Skies

The trees swayed as the USSS Wardsoared overhead. Nightfall had drained them of color; their emerald leaves shone silver in the pre-dawn starlight. Teri slipped her trembling hand into Michelle’s. “I can’t believe it’s come to this.” They peered out the portal at the passing scenery, Teri’s mouth agape. Michelle squeezed her hand. “We’ll find a... Continue Reading →

Trouble with Howlers

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio Book 1) In the dark, damp canopy of the South American rainforest lives a psychiatrist named Antonio Agular Frigiliana Ribaldio Valdicarzana, otherwise known as Dr. Antonio. In addition to being a professional, level-headed psychologist, Dr. Antonio is also a talking Capuchin monkey, who is finally finished with... Continue Reading →


“If you’re leaving, close the door!” I yelled after her. Penny paused in the doorway, facing the summer sun. Her hair billowed behind her like the rolling waves of an ebony sea. She turned toward me, her lips trembling, tears spilling down her cheeks. “Look at yourself, Will. I can’t sit by and watch you... Continue Reading →

Hard Way Out by Robert Mackey

All John wants is a little inspiration for his next book. And what better place to find it than among the homeless of Spokane, Washington? At least, that was what he told himself when he packed a suitcase, left his wife and teenage son, and settled in beneath the underpass to make new friends. Now,... Continue Reading →

Book Haul and Swag!

This week I got two new books in the mail! C.L. Williams sent his newest in thanks for my support (but I reality, it's mutual. He is one of the most supportive authors I've met) I'm excited to start it! Check him out on Facebook and Twitter I also ordered A Haunting of Words from... Continue Reading →

Jensen Reed

I was interviewed with the lovely Laura Mae!

Laura Mae

October 12th, 2018


I asked Jensen where she would like to chat:

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous. I’ve dealt with minor social anxiety my entire life so meeting someone new, even someone I’ve spoken to online, is making my hands shake and heart race. Of course I arrived early too. Good job, Jensen.
I’m seated by a handsome waiter and order a cinnamon chip scone and some hazelnut coffee while I wait. Coffee totally won’t help but I like it and it’s a beautiful, albeit chilly, autumn day. My waiter leaves and I turn to the small park across the street. Most of the trees around the café are bright yellows and oranges, which match the leaf-printed scarf I chose for today. It goes well with my long sleeve brown shirt and calf-high boots. Totally one of my favorite outfits. There are a couple of families with…

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Deepest Midnight by Clara Winter

True love never dies. For Millicent, a once French noblewoman turned immortal vampire, forever is a long time to live in despair. The love of her life is murdered the night she becomes immortal. Millicent spends her endless night in a melancholy which never ends. Two hundred forty years later, she locks eyes with an... Continue Reading →

Deception by S.J. Cairns

The Soul Seer Chronicles Book 2 No Victory Comes Without Sacrifice. Sophie Saterlee never thought finding herself would be so difficult. Her discovery of the ancient power she possesses has drawn the attention of Loring, a Tainted sorcerer who seeks to use her talents for his own evil ends. Despite multiple failed attempts to kidnap... Continue Reading →

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