A Haunting of Words: Only The Dead Go Free

The shower’s hiss behind me competes with the roaring inferno raging down the hallway. Breathless and without thought, I gaze with lifeless eyes into the bathroom mirror. This gore-drenched nightmare of a witch is no longer recognizable. What have I done? What was the lesson here? I never wanted this.


Genre:  Horror / Rock fiction
Rating:  R

‘Only the Dead Go Free’ by JM Ames, part of the anthology A Haunting of Words by Scout Media is now available worldwide in paperback and a variety of eBook options. There are several ways to order, each with a different set of perks:

  • Direct order signed paperback here
  • Direct order paperback or ebook from publisher Scout Media.
    • Free soundtrack on CD. Each song handpicked by the author to represent their story, here
  • Order paperback or ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion – all online book retailers.
    • Free shipping with Amazon if you have a Prime account, here


Good, descriptive writing. Heart pounding suspense. Horrifying gore and ending…

Only The Dead Go Free by J.M. Ames is…gosh, where do I start with this one? Even the title is messing with my mind! This story is darker than Vantablack and so gory it makes The Silence of the Lambs look like Anne of Green Gables. It is a mindbending horror story about a house steeped in an ever-returning circle of bloodshed. While it overdoses a little on blood and gore for my personal taste, its quality is undeniable: the build-up, suspense, sharp bends and twists are exhilarating. And, at its heart, you have the emotional catharsis of a troubled mother’s struggle to protect her child.


Real life is often far stranger than fiction, at least that has been the experience of JM Ames. Whether good, bad, or just plain out there, big luck has always been quite prevalent throughout his life. This wide variety of strange experiences serves as fuel for the stories that never stop appearing in his head. While a multi-genre author, JM’s interest in the more unusual things in life has led him to gravitate more towards Speculative Fiction, and above all else, expect the unexpected.

JM Ames still resides in Orange County, California with his wife, a pair of beautiful and rambunctious daughters, and an ever-changing menagerie of pets. You can reach him through any of the options on the Contact page.

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