Whatever You Do…Don’t Open-

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted any sort of update here. If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know more of what’s going on. Some ups, lots of downs, but all in all I’m thankful to have you as part of my book community! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments.

With the help of United Faedom Publishing, I released my first collection of short stories earlier this year. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on it and many readers wanting more. I’m working on it, I promise. If you’re looking to submit to anthologies or publish novellas/poetry collections, I highly recommend reaching out to Mel through UFP. They’re ah-mazing and they have a lot of open calls.

Writing has been a real struggle for me the last few years. I was just diagnosed with ADD and that has made a huge difference in how I view the issues I’m having. I’m working towards treatments to help me manage it, along with my persistent depression and anxiety, and I’m hoping that next year will bring more writing and publications.

I’ve taken a break from my zombie series to work on something new. I’m about 30k into a college romance story that’s so vastly different than my go-to. Every time I struggle with the plot I’m tempted to throw in some zombies and let them run rampant. I haven’t…yet. I hope to complete this one in November during NaNo.

Not sure what NaNo is? Check out this article from Writing Bad. Feeling intimidated by the idea? Join my writing sprint group on Facebook. We write all year long and it’s a safe space to write, make progress, and form friendships.

Interested in my collection? Order your copy here!


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