Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal by M.L.Ruscsak

In the world of Lite and Darke, reader be warned: not all is as it seems. What is truth and what is lies? That is for you to decide.

Read it before you see it. Coming soon to Cinema

In this collection of four short stories, travel back in time and find out how Vasilissa became Queen. Find out the truth about how Myrddin came to be betrothed to Adrianna.
Think you know why Larna killed her family? Find out if you are right.
And see if you can figure out how much Nisha really knew about her parents before becoming the queen of Darke
These questions and more are answered in this installment of the Lite and Darke Series.

Since this series has taken flight  M.L.Ruscsak has seen her own life evolve in ways that she had never dreamed before. With the release of this edition she is one step closer to closing the door on the world of Lite and Darke but opening another door to a series that in many ways will keep the world of Nisha thriving.  Keep up to date with her on
and on her radio show Author Talk With M.L.Ruscsak


6x9 (2)

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