Strings Attached by Kari Holloway

Carissa is a high school teacher and an accomplished violinist with lifelong aspirations of joining the orchestra she fell in love with as a child. Single-minded and meticulous in her pursuit, a chance encounter with Kyle makes her question what she really wants out of life.

Kyle’s life is going exactly the way he wants. Well … almost. With the hottest comic book shop in Charleston and a steady group of close friends and family, he’s just waiting for love—and maybe he’s finally found it in Carissa. But Gramps’ shocking deathbed confession may have just thrown a kink in the chain of his dreams with a request that borders on insane.

What begins as legend soon becomes choice as an impossible task and an eternal destiny merge. Can Kyle and Carissa successfully balance their blossoming love amidst the stark contrast of their individual life paths, or will they lose everything—including each other—when dreams meet reality?

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Strings Attached (2).jpg


Kari Holloway is an American author with over a dozen published works to her name. Between the twisting tales of romance under weeping willows in the Laughing P series and the high-pace paranormal in her Devil’s Playground series, Kari Holloway prefers to sit poolside enjoying vanilla ice cream or hanging out with friends playing Fluxx. She’s currently working on book 5 in her Devil’s Playground series and toying with a western romance set in the 1800s—both ideas slated for release in 2019.


To find out more about Kari Holloway, check out her website ( or on FB (


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