The Flotsam Heart

Something…something stirred him awake. Gears stuttered and clicked, causing the deep-sea fish who had burrowed into the coral attached to his exterior to flee. High above his dark, cold grave, it hummed and pulsed. He could feel it. His rusty eyes opened slowly and he followed its path as it slowly passed overhead. He needed it. 

With a great struggle, he slowly rose. Pieces of coral broke off as he struggled to move. It took too long, he could feel the life force rolling out of reach. As he rose, the darkness slowly diminished. Up, up, up, through the slowly lightening water until his head broke the surface and he was blinded by glaring sunlight that he hadn’t felt in a century.

On the horizon, a wooden ship rocked on the waves as it was pushed through the sea by the wind in its bright white sails. The yearning for completion overrode all logical thinking, and he began lumbering towards the ship. Before he was halfway, screams of alarm rose from the deck as the humans spotted him. He ignored them and their useless attempt to attack. When reached his destination, he scooped the ship from the water with one hand. It broke in half between his massive hands.

He shook the ship halves, dumping the contents and humans into the sea. He threw the pieces in opposite directions and dropped his hand into the water after the large crate that held his heart. He smashed the crate with two fingers and gently cradled the humming sphere that remained. When it touched his hand, he could feel its life seep into him. With rusty fingers, he opened his chest hatch and stuck it in. He waited as it coursed through his body and rejuvenated his system. Slowly, he turned and started towards shore. He had a giant to visit, and people to squash.



Photo credit: Alejandro Burdisio

Prompt courtesy of Writing Bad‘s daily prompts

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