The Gryphon’s Glade:Impossible Love (Book 1)- Free ebook!

People say that URBAN LEGENDS grow out of a kernel of truth, some small seed of fantastic reality . . .

Reed Baye Hunter comes home from one bloody war, only to discover a more horrific conflict in her own backyard. Ari Ben Warrick, her darkly mysterious neighbor, has answers. Reed needs answers: how is she going to find her missing horse; who is killing her livestock; and what is behind the legend of the ghost lights of ‘Taintsville, Florida?
The dark water that slips through the cypress knees of Reed’s childhood home bear silent witness to the secrets and myths and nightmares found in the Gryphon’s Glade.

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Linda L. Zern lives, works, and dreams in Central Florida. Born in Florida, raised on sunshine and bug spray, the author read every cereal box she could find and every book she could get her hands on, and when other people’s books ran out, she started writing her own: The Pocket Fairies of Middleburg, The Long-Promised Song, ZippityZern’s: Uncommon Nonsense and Fifty More; MOONCALF (a finalist for the Space Coast Writers’ Guild DON ARGO AWARD) BEYOND THE STRANDLINE (Book I); Following the Strandline (Book II); Ebook short story prequels: “Puppies”, “Darby’s Chickens”, “Storm”; The Gryphon’s Glade, a rural contemporary fantasy set in the mystical Florida backwoods where urban legends thrive. “I write because there can never be too many good books or the people who love them.” Linda L. Zern



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