Reader Interview: Becky Camp

Today I'm sharing a recent interview with the lovely Becky Camp. She's a mother of three and reader of mysteries, thrillers, sic-fi, and fantasy! How many books do you usually read in a month? It depends on the month but I would say usually 1 a month. What are your favorite genres to read? I... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Debbie Zaken

For my first author interview, I'm getting to know the award-winning author of YA sci-fi novel, Colliding Skies. Share a favorite scene from your book! Why do you like it so much? The scene I chose from Colliding Skies isn’t a major scene in the book. But it’s a funny scene and one that I... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Blog Tour- Barbara Ristine

 Barbara Ristine used to be an attorney, but she changed professional hats several times before she settled down to be a writer. Originally from New York, she moved through several states before landing in Reno, NV, where she lives with her family. She's a graduate of St. John's University (B.A.) and the College of William... Continue Reading →

Twisted Fate: New Release

One of my writer friends just released her book! If you follow her on Twitter and Facebook, she shares some really awesome #ThursdayAesthetics that revolve around this series. Her Facebook is very entertaining and definitely worth a follow! Check out her book blurb below, and then hop over to Amazon and grab a copy. It's... Continue Reading →

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