White Noise

White Noise In all the worldThere’s nothing likeThe sound of falling snow – The only noiseI’ve ever knownThat makes the clocks move slow. The only soundThat sweeps awayThe din of city streets, And wraps around,In soft embrace,’Most everyone it meets. A sound that’s notA sound at all –A quiet, soft and dear, That comforts allThe... Continue Reading →

Penguin Feet

Footprint and handprint art has always been adorable to me. H loves doing it and we do....a lot. To date we've made : construction vehicles, reindeer, Frankenstein's monster, ghosts, Christmas trees, Dinosaurs, turkeys, snowmen, ninja turtles and more that I can't recall but have(somewhere...) The other day while H napped, S and I did some... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Playdough

It's snowing! Whoo! I wanted a simple craft that reflected the season and playdough came to mind. I made up a batch of gingerbread scented dough while the boys napped (even though H usually helps me). Playdough Recipe: 2 c flour 1 c salt 4TBS cream of tartar 4 TBS vegetable oil 1 1/2 c... Continue Reading →

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